About us

In today's society there is much aggression toward the Shiia school of thought. Every Shiite Muslim must take steps toward promoting true Shiite doctrine. Considering this and the fact that there is a dearth of resources in English and Arabic, we have decided to gather and present lectures that help Shiias improve the knowledge of their faith and behavior.
Insha Allah, this site will become richer every day. With the grace of God, our goal is for this site to be a complete resource of religious lectures in several languages.
We appreciate help and support in completing this site. If you have any religious lectures, please send them to us to add to this site. We also welcome comments regarding the lecturers and topics from you, our Shiite brothers and sisters.
We pray that the deeds of all the followers of the Ahlul- Bayt be accepted by God. May Imam Zaman's prayers be with all who devote their work to pleasing Allah (s.w.t.), Prohphet Mohammad (p.b.u.h.) and his blessed family.

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